Quickly Find the Right Buyer for Your Home

Partner with a seller's agent in Davidson, NC

Are you having trouble finding a buyer for your home? Do you want to get your home in front of the right people? Pick Jess & Jon Realty as your seller’s agent in Davidson, NC. Working with an experienced Realtor is the most efficient way to get your home sold. We can work with properties like single-family houses, condos, townhomes and more.

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Partner with a seller's agent in Davidson, NC

You can rely on us to go above and beyond to sell your property. As your seller’s agent, we’ll:

  • Place your home on targeted lists
  • Stage your home for showings
  • Schedule necessary home inspections

We’ll update you whenever we get new information. Once you find a buyer, we can help with the mortgage process. Call us today at 704-954-4158 to talk to an experienced Realtor. View our seller’s guide and learn more helpful tips here.

Our Process of Selling Your Home

Manage Showings

Once you’ve chosen your Keller Williams agent, and together have prepped your house for sale and set a price, you’re ready for the public to see your home.

Review Offers

Congratulations! You received a message from your KW agent that you have an offer on your home. Now you need to evaluate that offer and decide how to respond.

Prepare for Inspection

Most buyers request a home inspection as a condition of their offer. While a home inspector will dig more deeply into your home than a buyer, the preparation you made before your first showing should help you get ready for the inspection. Your Keller Williams agent can give you personalized advice, too.

Prepare for Appraisal

As you near the end of your home sale journey, you will need to pass one more test: an appraisal. Your KW agent can help you gather materials and prepare for the appraiser’s visit.


While it’s tempting to focus on your next move, your Keller Williams agent is likely to remind you that until the closing is over, you have some final responsibilities as a seller.